Blissful K-Pop Songs for the Broken Heart

Once again South Korea is just starting up the monsoon season, and the summer is hot and humid as always! Instead of making a list of dance songs that fit in with the summer, I wanted to go “Melodramatic” and make a list of some heartbreak songs.

So for all of you K-Pop fans that are suffering from a breakup, unrequited love, and/or just generally heartbroken, my heart goes out to you and here is a list of Blissful K-Pop Songs for the Broken Heart! (In no particular order)

1. Yong Jun Hyung – “Living Without You”

BEAST Yong Jun Hyung’s “Living Without You” released in February of 2012, is an awesome hip hop song that verges on having pure hate for an ex-lover. He raps and sings about being freed from a relationship.

Lyrics Highlight: “After living without you, it wasn’t really anything. Now I’m more comfortable Baby (You are probably doing well). Back then I couldn’t live without you, I kept missing you. Now that I think about it, it was very funny baby (Never ever come back here).

2. 2NE1 – “Lonely”

2NE1’s “Lonely” expresses the loneliness before/after breaking up, and the mixed up emotions that an individual often gets when they have decided to breakup. The lyrics portray somebody who is feeling sorry for breaking up, and asks for forgiveness. The song was released in May, 2011 for the album “Lonely.”

Lyrics Highlight: “You haven’t done anything wrong, it’s me who is the weird one. I think I have been planning on breaking up for a while. I really wanted to be good to you, but I don’t’ know why I get so small and lonely in front of love.


3. Tiffany – “On My Own”

Girls’ Generation Tiffany’s beautiful song about unrequited love, “On My Own” was released in 2009. The song was used in the OST for the drama “Ja Myung Go.”

Lyrics Highlight: “I speak love on my own, and send it on my own. Tears come to my eyes at the memories I make on my own. Even though you are far away, I hope you are happy. I bury my love deep within my heart.”

 4. Yesung – “It Has to Be You”

Super Junior Yesung’s song “It Has to Be You” was released in March 2010 and was part of the OST for the drama “Cinderella’s Sister.”

Lyrics Highlight: “You who I can’t see anymore, hold on to me, I ask the way. I want to see you, I want to hug you. I look at the sky and pray for this.”

5. 2PM – “I Hate You”

2PM’s “I Hate You” expresses the hate that a person feels after a breakup. The hate is a combination of self-loathing and hate directed at an ex-lover. The song was released in 2009 for the album “2:00PM Times for Change.”

Lyrics Highlight: “I hate you, I hate you so much I could die, I hate you, I hate you like crazy. Know~ I hate myself who is like this.”

 6. 2AM – “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me”

This heartbreaking song was in 2AM’s album “F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love” and released in March, 2012. The song is both serene and painful. It’s like an apple pie that stings your heart.

Lyrics Highlights: “Do you hurt like me, do you shed tears like me, do you live in past memories like me, just like me.”

 7. Kim Hyun Joong – “Because I Am Stupid”

This song was a part of the OST for the iconic drama “Boys Over Flowers!” The song is more a mixture between a brokenhearted heart and a heart that is suffering from unrequited love!

Lyrics Highlight: “In your day I probably don’t exist. I probably don’t even exist in your memory. But I only look at you. I am making memories on my own.

 8. Kim Dong Ryul – “A Memory Sketch”

This song is a personal favorite. It first came out in 1994 when Kim Dong Ryul was a part of the group “Exhibition.” This is a karaoke classic that gained attention once again when it was the main theme song on the film “Architecture 101.”

Lyrics Highlight: “The memories of you that are falling, they find me again. I will probably think of them again. Into the dreams of my future that have become too large. The memories of you that are being forgotten, will I think about them again?

9. Big Bang’s – “Haru Haru”

This Big Bang classic was released in the 2008 album “! “Haru Haru” and “Lies” are songs which are considered to have a signature Big Bang sound. Need I say more? Watch the music video!

Lyrics Highlight: “Always be happy with that person, Always so that I don’t have other emotions, Always so you don’t even have a small amount of regret, live well as if to prove something to me.

10. Baek Ji Young – “Like Being Hit by a Bullet “

Released in her 7th album “Sensibility” in 2008, the song sent out shockwaves throughout South Korea because it was Baek Ji Young’s official comeback after her sex scandal. The song was excellent and her voice really conveyed true pain. I think I can speak for many Koreans when I say that this song nursed my broken heart.

Lyrics Highlight: Of course it’s the very descriptive and graphic first line of the song! “Like being hit by a bullet, I’m out of my mind. I can only laugh, so I just laughed, so I just laughed, I just…”

What about you? What is your favorite breakup song?