Lee Jong Suk Addresses Goo Hara’s Questionable Expression on SBS “Inkigayo”

On July 2, Lee Jong Suk posted on his me2Day, “I made a mistake during a live broadcasting show, so Goo Hara tried to help me out. But now she’s been getting some criticisms for that. I’m sorry Hara. Everyone! This stupid rookie MC is still making a lot of mistakes but I will get it together and do my best.”

His me2Day post was addressing Goo Hara’s stern facial expression during the most recent episode of SBS “Inkigayo.” In this episode, tongue-tied Lee Jong Suk made a mistake while hosting the show, which caused Goo Hara to get confused and do the same. Lee Jong Suk and Nicole quickly saved themselves from this mistake by saying “Music Start!” and moved on to the next performance. However, Goo Hara remained somewhat stiff for the rest of the show, causing controversy. Goo Hara also posted on twitter addressing this issue, but she seemed not to care much about it. She wrote, “Puhahahaha, it’s no big deal.”

Netizens commented on Goo Hara and Lee Jong Suk’s SNS posts, “All the controversies start out from netizens,” “Good job, Goo Hara. I’m always cheering for you and all your hard work,” and “Lee Jong Suk is a cool dude for admitting his mistakes and apologizing openly.”