Busker Busker Is Appearing in Many CFs

Busker Busker is starting to dominate TV commercials on top of telecommunications and beverage advertisements.

This popular band has emerged recently as the “blue chip” in advertisements. CF industry has been knocking on their door, screaming in their love calls for their feature. Their recent work includes Samsung All-in-One PC television CF, certifying them as a force to be reckoned with in the music world.

In this commercial, Busker Busker members show off their unique individual styles. Danny, the wife of Busker Busker’s drummer, Brad Moore, will also have a cameo appearance.

According to staff, the filming site for the CF had a much more invigorating atmosphere with each of the Busker Busker members’ energy. Jang Bum Joon especially drew attention with his artwork on a coffee mug. The finished product surprisingly had a professional quality to it, receiving praise from the staff. Kim Hyung Tae, genuinely interested in tech devices, expressed his desire to possess the All-in-One PC for himself.

Their Samsung All-in-One PC CF is scheduled to air during the beginning weeks of July. Meanwhile, check out their unique Demisoda CF below!