Han Ye Seul Spotted at Yonsei University?

A photo of actress of Han Ye Seul at Yonsei University has surfaced! Or… is it her?

Recently on an online community website a photo titled, “Han Ye Seul Spotted At Yonsei University” has caught the attention of many netizens.

However, what appears to be Han Ye Seul at the Yonsei University campus is actually a doppelganger of the actress! Looking comfortable with sunglasses and an attire displaying effeminate charm, netizens were quick to notice the difference due to the slight weight gain and absence of Han Ye Seul’s trademark jawline commenting, “Isn’t she just a look-a-like of Han Ye Seul?”

Nonetheless, this Han Ye Seul look-a-like even surprised male students at the university as they made comments such as, “Wow, she really looks like Han Ye Seul!”

Others raised different opinions about the actress look-a-like such as, “Her face is a little chubbier and she doesn’t have the pose of a celebrity.”

What do you think?