f(x)’s Krystal: “My Face Is Too Average”

f(x)’s Krystal shared her thoughts on her own face, saying, “I honestly have a very average-looking face.”

On the July 2 broadcast of MnetBeatles Code 2,” Krystal shared with the crew that she’s always been told that her face is very common. She further surprised the studio by revealing that she’s heard people around her say, “Krystal’s face is a face you can see at any high school or middle school.”

MC Tak Jae Hoon then asked, “I’ve heard that you have recently had a photo shoot with your unni in Girls’ Generation, Jessica. Who do you think is prettier?”

Krystal immediately replied without hesitation, “My unni.”

It was reported earlier that Wonder GirlsSohee also shared, “My face isn’t so common, but I think it’s still an average-looking face,” in this episode.

Check out a clip of the girls’ confessions in “Beatles Code 2” here!