Yang Hyun Suk:

The tough president of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, expressed his surprising feelings about 2NE1’s recent comeback. He revealed that he was bothered by the fact that he was not able to give his full attention to the ladies’ return.

During the interview he explained to OSEN, “Lately, whenever I see 2NE1, it hurts me. Normally when company artists are set to make a comeback, even for the few months prior to their return I will spend night and day, eating with them, and take care of them. Although, this time was different as I failed to provide that for 2NE1.”

Yang Hyun Suk had a very busy start to the calendar year due to his involvement as a judge of SBS’ audition program, “K-Pop Star.” 2NE1 had to compete with their label-mates overlapping schedules so there was less time to focus on their comeback.

“2NE1 is finally making their comeback after a long wait in July, during this time many other singers are also making their comebacks. Because of this literal, ‘comeback boom’ I should have spent more time with 2NE1 and I feel deeply sorry about it. So during the last week I have canceled everything in my schedule so all of my focus could be on 2NE1 at all times with their choreography, songs, and whatever else they needed,” he said.

Yang Hyun Suk continued, “To the members of 2NE1 who are like my own daughters, at this time I feel both remorse and gratitude. Because I was unable to pay the respect and attention to you as I would have liked, it is my intention to focus on 2NE1 wholeheartedly until the end of 2012.”

Not only does 2NE1 come to Yang Hyun Suk’s mind but also their fans who have stuck with the ladies. All the support the fans have for them he has not forgotten that. So, to the fans he promised, “Also to the fans, I am terribly sorry as well. The only way I can repay you, is by working harder for 2NE1.”

Recently, it had been announced that Yang Hyun Suk had accepted the role to be a judge on the second season of “K-Pop Star.” He will participate as a judge in the second half of this year on “K-Pop Star 2.” Discussions for the upcoming season of the show along with a few company issues have kept the CEO insanely busy.

“I have been much too busy, I have not been able to even rest due to work at the office. Yet, when I was with 2NE1, I did my best not to seem tired. I did not want to give 2NE1 any added trouble by worrying them. The past week I spent with 2NE1 was rewarding, all the time spent working on the comeback was well worth it,” his comments revealed his feelings for 2NE1, along with his increasing expectations for their comeback.

On July 28 and 29, they will kick off their “New Evolution” tour in Seoul at the Seoul Gymnastics Stadium before heading taking the tour internationally. The group is expected to perform for fans in ten cities throughout seven countries including Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

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