“Running Man” Unveils Teaser Stills of Kim Soo Hyun

SBS’sRunning Man” will broadcast Kim Soo Hyun’s episode this week. Earlier today, the show unveiled teaser stills of the actor during the filming.

While he attempted to cover his face by wearing a hat and mask, many fans were able to recognize Kim Soo Hyun and spread the news through various SNS channels. As such, it’s been said that the production team could not let their guard down even for a minute throughout the shoot.

In the upcoming episode, Kim Soo Hyun is in charge of catching of the other “Running Man” cast. While he initially appeared nervous and anxious, he managed to perfectly seal his true identity from the fellow members until the end.

Check out “Running Man,” featuring Kim Soo Hyun, on Sunday, July 8, at 6PM KST.