[Exclusive] Insider’s look at Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News” with SISTAR

Do you plan to visit Seoul this summer and to attend as many TV shows as possible? Then don’t hesitate to show up at the CJ E&M Center! Mnet broadcasts its weekly “Wide Entertainment News” every Thursday at 5PM and it’s very easy for fans to attend it.

Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News” is a 45 minute talk show filmed on a TV set surrounded by large windows. As the team is getting ready, fans can watch the different steps of preparation and take photos. The two MCs Hong Jong Hyun and Lee Sol Ji are getting pretty famous and often smile at fans while repeating their text.

On July 5th, the lovely ladies of SISTAR were the guest on Mnet‘s “Wide Entertainment News” to promote their latest title track “Loving U” and to have a brief interview. Check out below some of our exclusive pictures of the girls!

The show is followed by the M!Countdown every Thursday afternoon. After the talk show, don’t hesitate to enter the hall of the building: you may meet several K-Pop celebrities getting ready for their comeback stage!

Watch Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News” past episodes on the show’s homepage.