2AM’s Changmin and Jinwoon Show Sexy Charms for “High Cut”

2AM’s Changmin and Jinwoon’s photoshoot for “High Cut” was revealed. The issue of “High Cut” that features the 2AM member was released on July 5. The photoshoot shows the members giving off a manly charm which was very different from the soft image that they usually portray.

In the revealed photo, Changmin is showing off his chocolate abs and tanned skin. Jinwoon also gave off sexy charms through his stylish fashion and hairstyle.

For this photoshoot, it is being said that the two members dieted by only eating sweet potatoes and chicken breasts for four weeks.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Omg, look at his abs they look so hard,” “When was Changmin so buff?” and “Wow, those two guys are really hot.”

The “High Cut” magazine showing the sexy 2AM members is the 80th issue.