Jeon Ji Hyun Shows How Photoshoots Should Be Done

Jeon Ji Hyun showed that she is the queen of photoshoots. She appeared in a photoshoot for the July 5 edition of “1st Look” magazine. During the interview for the photoshoot, Jeon Ji Hyun spoke about how she contacted the director Choi Dong Hoon to get her role in the upcoming film “Thieves.”

Jeon Ji Hyun stated, “I was very aggressive and I said that I would take the role. It was the first time I’ve ever actually called a director for a role as well. I thought that the film would be good for me because the director Choi Dong Hoon is very good at animating characters.”

Jeon Ji Hyun continued, “Nowadays, acting is more fun. I think acting is a job where you get better the more you do it. I think the only difference is whether you end up enjoying it or not. My goal isn’t to be better but to enjoy it more and pursue acting for a long time. Even though you might fail one project, there are always chances for success in the future. It’s looking at things in a long perspective, a long perspective.”