2NE1’s New Lipstick Styling: Disgusting or Unconventionally Cool?

While 2NE1‘s newly released album “I Love You” is receiving mixed reviews from fans and the public, so is their newly presented style. The most controversial part about 2NE1’s styling for “I Love You” would be their lipsticks shown in the concert teaser poster. This poster was initially revealed by Dara on July 3 through her Me2Day. Each member shows different charisma and characteristics through unique lipstick styling.

2NE1’s lipstick styling goes beyond the traditional one-colored lip makeup, accentuating one’s mouth to look more feminine and appealing. The revealed poster shows Park Bom with pearly silver lips while CL is sporting a zebra pattern on her lips. Minzy draws attention to her lips with purple background with sparkly silver coating and Dara’s lips are leopard-patterned with yellow background and black prints. Such lip-styling presented by 2NE1 is unprecedented among girl groups. As a result, it is getting mixed reactions from the fans.

While some fans who are mesmerized by 2NE1’s bold lips are giving back some positive reviews such as “So pretty, and they all look so good,” “2NE1 looks as if they are modeling for a lipstick brand,” “they look better than professional cosmetics models,” and “again, 2NE1 style!” a part of 2NE1’s fandom is disapproving of such transformation. The more conservative fans complained, “I get that they are trying out something new, but couldn’t they work with something that actually looks good on them?” “They are willing to do anything and everything that is new,” and “even for 2NE1, this is a little too much.”

Nobody knows whether such unconventional makeup is only for 2NE1’s upcoming concert or it is a part of this album’s overall concept, yet. For fans and public to find out, everyone just has to wait until 2NE1 makes their big comeback to the stage.