Who Wore It Better: Gong Yoo vs. Lee Seung Gi

Are you ready for another edition of Who Wore It Better? This time, it’s Gong Yoo versus Lee Seung Gi as they were spotted wearing the same clothes.

Gong Yoo and Lee Seung Gi were captured wearing the same Marc Jacobs cardigan on each of their dramas, “Big” and “The King 2Hearts,” respectively.

Gong Yoo shows a mature and dandy style as he wore this caridgan on the eighth episode of “Big.” The Marc Jacobs cardigan is simple yet edgy with bright colors. With his model background, Gong Yoo pulls off this cardigan as it highlights his broad shoulders, tall height and handsome looks.

Lee Seung Gi sported the same cardigan (but different color) and showed off a romantic style. He matched the blue cardigan on top of a white cotton shirt, which emphasized a trendy and young image.

Both Gong Yoo and Lee Seung Gi look elegant and stylish with the cardigan and it seems netizens had a hard time chosing who wore it better. They commented, “Gong Yoo looks really mature,” “Lee Seung Gi is so handsome,” “It seems like male leading roles wear cardigans a lot,” and more.

Who do you think wore it better?