“Thieves” Jeon Ji Hyun: “I Can’t Compete with Kim Hye Soo Because My Breasts Are Smaller”

During the “Thieves” premiere and press conference held on July 10, Jeon Ji Hyun was asked, “You appear in this film with Kim Hye Soo, didn’t’ the two of you have a beauty competition going on?”

Jeon Ji Hyun replied, “We aren’t even in the same ballpark. Although it is embarrassing for me to say this, I am just a small junior. If you watch the film you will know, what we say is different. Each thief has their own uniqueness and color that is why the actors/actresses respected each other.”

She continued, “There really wasn’t any room for competition, also I can’t really be her equal. I can’t even compete with her breast size, and from the start I went into filming as a junior.”

Through her funny yet honest answer, the press conference became a sea of laughter.

“Thieves” will release in theaters July 25.