Jo Kwon Sheds Tears on “Strong Heart”

On the most recent episode of SBS “Strong Heart,” 2AM‘s Jo Kwon talked about his solo career and 2AM members. He said, “I’ve been living with 2AM members for four years now. We’ve never had a fight. However, there was this one time when I felt a little hurt by them recently.”

He continued, “I spent almost three full days filming my music video, without sleeping or taking a break. But no one came to visit me or see how I was doing. I asked Wooyoung about his music video filming and 2PM. He told me that all of 2PM’s members came to visit him at the site of music video filming. I was even more upset and hurt after knowing that 2PM members were there for Wooyoung. I texted 2AM members, but no one showed up.”

Right then and there, a fellow 2AM member Jinwoon showed up at the set of “Strong Heart” with a bouquet of red roses. As soon as Jo Kwon saw Jinwoon, he started crying. Jo Kwon explained his tears, “It’s been hard preparing for my solo album and solo career apart from my members. I am so thankful that Jinwoon came all the way out to visit me.”