2PM’s Nichkhun Talks about His First Girlfriend “Jennifer”

2PM’s Nichkhun confessed that his first girlfriend was Korean. On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” the MCs began interrogating Nichkhun about his first girlfriend, asking how he met her. Nichkhun stammered, “A friend introduced us,” which led to another question of when he met her. Scratching his head, he answered, “When I was 16-years-old? When I was in the States. She was Korean.”

The MCs continued to tease the singer by asking for her name. He tried to laugh it off, saying, “I can’t really remember” to which one MC jokingly said, “Just make on up.” Nichkhun replied, “Let’s just say leave it as Jennifer.”

Meanwhile, this episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” drew a lot of attention because it marked the first on-screen reunion of one of “We Got Married’s” most popular couples, f(x)’s Victoria and Nichkhun (aka Khuntoria).

Check out the clip of the screenshot below here!