f(x)’s Victoria Enjoys Eating Pig Intestines, Chicken Brain, Cow Tongue, and More!

f(x)’s Victoria shared her love for exotic food. Victoria, along with 2PM’s Nichkhun and Robet Holley, guested on last night’s episode of MBC’sGolden Fishery – Radio Star.” During the episode, the MCs began asking if they ever ate some of Korea’s quirky delicacies. Victoria surprised everyone by revealing that she enjoys eating pig intestines, fermented skate (thornback rays), steamed silkworms, and chicken feet,

She further shocked fellow MCs and Nichhun by stating, “In China, I also eat chicken brain.” When asked what chicken brain tasted like, she answered, “It tastes like tofu.” Victoria continued, “I enjoy fish’s eye too. Oh, and I also eat pig skin, raw beef liver, and beef tongue.”

Curious, Nichkhun questioned, “Do you eat beef brain as well?” to which she asked, “Do they sell beef brain? I don’t think they do.” MC Yoon Jong Shin replied, “The only reason she can’t eat it is because they don’t sell it,” which caused the studio to burst into laughter. Victoria nodded and smiled in agreement.

Meanwhile, Nichkhun also talked about his first girlfriend in the episode! Check out the story here!

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