Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Was Left Stunned by f(x) Victoria’s Beauty

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun said he was absolutely shocked by f(x) Victoria’s stunning beauty when he first met her.

On the July 11 episode of MBC “Radio Star,” Kyuhyun said, “When I first met Victoria, I was so shocked because of her beauty, and it made me think, ‘Where did someone this cute come from?’ I thought she was obviously younger than me, so I made her call me, ‘Oppa, oppa.’ But she still calls me ‘Oppa.’” (Kyuhyun is one year younger than Victoria).

The MC also asked if Super Junior members were excited to have such a beautiful trainee join them. Kyuhyun jokingly answered, “Well, our members consider women as a rock,” to which the MC said, “If you keep saying that, you’ll get hit by a rock.”

Netizens commented, “Who wouldn’t be shocked to see Victoria in real life?” “Man, Victoria is just absolutely stunning,” and “Kyuhyun is so mean!”

(Watch the clip of the show here!)