Most Anticipated Kdramas in the Second Half of 2012

We’ve had some amazing kdramas entertain us for the first half of 2012. Dramas like “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” “Rooftop Prince,” “The King 2heart, “Queen In Hyun’s Man” and “Love Rain” were some of the most popular drama on Soompi.

Now it’s time to look ahead to what dramas will air in the second half of 2012. We’ve picked out a couple upcoming dramas that you should be on the lookout for in the next couple month! So…check it out!

Which drama are you most excited for? Share your thoughts below!

Five Fingers

Cast: Joo Ji Hoon, Ham Eun Jung (T-ara), Ji Chang Wook
Episodes: 50
Premiere date: August 4
Air Time: Saturdays & Sundays @ 9:55PM KST
Replaces: “A Gentleman’s Dignity” on SBS

“Five Fingers” is a story about young adults who overcome their past scars, fulfill their dreams, and find love. Eunjung’s Hong Dami Yoo loses her father in a fire accident, which puts her family in a financial struggle. As such, Dami gives up on her dreams of becoming a pianist and finds work at a local salon. Ji Chang Wook will take on his first antagonist role in the series. He will play Yoo In Ha, the dashing second-generation chaebol who’s jealous of his naturally gifted older brother Yoo Ji Sang, played by Joo Ji Hoon.


Cast: Lee Min Ho, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Philip
Episodes: 24
Premiere Date: August 13
Air Time: Mondays & Tuesdays @ 9:55PM KST
Replaces: “The Chaser” on SBS

“Faith” is another time-warping, historical fusion drama where a plastic surgeon, played by Kim Hee Sun, mysteriously meets a strange man dressed as a warrior from the Goryeo Dynasty, played by Lee Min Ho, claiming that he’s here to take her “back.” The series marks Lee Min Ho’s first sageuk (historical drama) since his debut and Kim Hee Sun’s return to the small screen in six years.

Haeundae Lovers

Cast: Kim Kang Woo, Nam Gyuri, Jung Suk Won, Kang Min Kyung (Davichi)
Episodes: 16
Premiere Date: August 13
Air Time: Mondays & Tuesdays @ 9:55PM KST
Replaces: “Big” on KBS

“Haeundae Lovers” is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Lee Tae Sung (Kim Kang Woo), a prosecutor who loses his memory and falls in love with a gangster’s daughter named Ko Sora (Jo Yeo Jung). Nam Gyrui will take on the role of Yoon Sena, Lee Tae Sung’s fiance and the daughter of the Minister of Justice.

Arang and the Magistrate

Cast: Lee Jun Ki, Shin Min Ah, Yeon Woo Jin
Episodes: 20
Premiere Date: August 15
Air Time: Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 9:55PM KST
Replaces: “I Do I Do” on MBC

Based on a famous folklore, the fantasy drama takes place in the Joseon era. Shin Min Ah plays Arang, the daughter of the magistrate who is brutally murdered. She returns as a ghost with no recollection of her life and how she was murdered and goes around haunting every new magistrate who comes to town…that is until Eun Oh, played by Lee Jun Ki) shows up. The two eventually fall in love.

To the Beautiful You

Cast: Sulli (f(x)), Minho (SHINee), Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Ji Won
Replaces: Ghost on SBS
Premiere Date: August TBA
Air Time: Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 9:55PM KST
Episodes: 16

Based on a Japanese manga, the story is about Goo Jae Hee (Sulli), an extreme fan girl of champion high-jumper Kang Tae Joon (Minho), who tries to make a comeback from a career-threatening injury. To help revive his career, Jae Hee impersonates a guy to attend Tae Joon’s all boys high school. The original manga had a Japanese drama created in 2007 and a Taiwanese version produced in 2006. Both versions were extremely popular, and many international fans are showing great interest in the Korean remake.

“Nice Guy”

Cast: Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won, Lee Kwang Soo, Park Shi Yeon
Episodes: TBA
Premiere Date: September TBA
Air Time: Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 9:55PM KST
Replaces: Bridal Mask on KBS

“Nice Guy” is a about a man (Song Joong Ki) who had been hurt and betrayed by the woman he loves (Park Shi Yeon). As a result, he decides to get his revenge by using a girl who lost her memory (Moon Chae Won) to get back at her.

So, Soompiers! Which drama are you most excited for? Share your thoughts below!

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