“Big” Reveals miss A Suzy’s OST Title and Release Date

As previously reported, miss A’s Suzy has recently participated in the OST for “Big,” singing the theme song for her character Jang Mari. It’s been finally revealed that the title of her track is “I Still Love You” and will be released next Monday, July 16.

News of Suzy’s participation with the already stellar soundtrack has attracted much media attention. This isn’t the first time the talented singer-actress recorded an OST. Suzy sang “Winter Child” in KBS’sDream High” and “So Many Tears” in MBC’sMe Too, Flower.” Suzy’s” “I Still Love You” is a ballad piece and reflects well with Jang Mari’s heartbreaking one-sided lovestory.

A representative of OST production team stated, “Suzy is currently engrossed with her character. As such, the recording session went really well because she was very expressive. It’ll be interesting to see how this song will play a role in showing Kang Kyung Joon Mari’s feelings. “ Suzy commented, “Thank you for supporting Jang Mari. Because this song represents Mari’s heart, I was able to focus more on it. Please continue to love ‘Big’ and ‘I Still Love You.”

“Big’s” OST has already made headlines for topping various music charts with hit songs by Huh GakNoelDavichi, BEAST, and more.