SISTAR’s Hyorin’s Dark Skin Gets Compared

Sistar’s Hyorin’s dark skin is suddenly the center of netizen’s attention, as they compare her skin with Wonder GirlsSunye‘s and f(x)’s Victoria‘s.

In the July 9 episode of MBC’s “Come To Play,” leaders from three popular girl groups were featured together. Sunye, Hyorin, and Victoria sat side by side, showing a clear difference in skin tones. A thread in an online community board promptly appeared with title, “Hyorin’s Skin Color, More Shocking Next to Sunye’s Skin Color.”

The screen captures from the episode show a brightly smiling Hyorin situated between Sunye and Victoria. Unfortunately, having been sandwiched in between two porcelain-white skinned beauties, the darkness of Hyorin’s skin was even more emphasized. The comparison drew good-humored laughter within the show.

Netizen commented: “Nice angels and then a sexy devil,” “One hell of a seating arrangement,” and “It’s a trap sitting between Sunye and Victoria!”