Teaser Images for B.A.P's First Mini Album Revealed

Jacket pictures from B.A.P’s upcoming mini-album, “No Mercy,” have been revealed in anticipation of the group’s full-fledged comeback.

Ahead of the official release of B.A.P’s first mini-album, scheduled for July 19, TS Entertainment unveiled the jacket images for members Bang Yong Guk, Zelo, and Youngjae.

The concept for the new album takes a 180 degree turn from their existing powerful “Warrior” image as they transform into that of “Pop-Boys.” The group intends to move people and the culture with their ever-changing cutting-edge fashion, passion, and style of music. With this album the company tries to bring the boys down to earth, making them more accessible and showing their softer side to the public. Have no fear as the boys still display their tough, street image yet with a dash of pop.

The transformation of B.A.P’s maknae Zelo portrayed him as a cool skateboarder. In the photo his hair was spiked and dyed in a two-tone effect of blonde and mint. He still gave off a sense of street flare but showed more of a cute side with his humorous pose and facial expression.

The talented vocalist, Youngjae, showed off his fresh style by wearing a button-up shirt, tie, trench coat and bright red pants. Making the look a bit more fun Youngjae topped it off with an orange beanie. His pose made him appear to be running somewhere (either that or he put his own twist on the Heisman stance).

Leader Bang Yong Guk appeared as tough as ever sporting a red tank top, red pants, and gold chains. He posed with a baseball bat slung over his shoulder displaying his confidence. Yong Guk’s hair also was multi-colored as it was blonde  with red streaks, which in some areas made it appear to be orange.

Last week, the group released their first single from their upcoming album, “Goodbye.” B.A.P’s anticipation for their new album has increased considerably since their previous hit, “Power.” The group continues to have success with “Power” as they managed to top the Malaysian K-Pop Charts for two consecutive weeks in a row! This proves that B.A.P is not only popular domestically, but abroad as well.

Fans can expect their mini-album, “No Mercy,” to be released on July 19.

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