Cass Light Beer Commercial Featuring Lee Dong Wook and 2NE1’s CL Revealed

Actor Lee Dong Wook and 2NE1‘s CL had one of the coolest dance battles of the season. On July 16, Cass Beer revealed their new TV commercial for Cass Light Beer featuring Lee Dong Wook and CL on glacier. The commercial shows CL’s sexy voguing dance in comparison with Lee Dong Wook’s stiff body movements, attempting to follow CL moves.

Despite his awkward dance moves, Lee Dong Wook still draws attention with shamelessly confident facial expressions. Lee Dong Wook commented, “When I first got the offer to appear in ‘Cass Light’ commercial, I imagined myself in a dark colored suit, enjoying a beautiful night scenery, and gulping down a beer like a man. I was a little caught off guard when they asked me to dance, but I really enjoyed this. Some of my funny moves were improvised on the spot, but it seems like people would enjoy what I got here to offer. I’m happy to do so.”