Huh Gak’s Brother Huh Gong Releases OST Track for “The Chaser”

Huh Gong follows Huh Gak by contributing to “The Chaser” soundtrack.

Singer Huh Gak’s twin brother, Huh Gong, released a special single entitled, “What You Forget” for the SBS drama “The Chaser’s” soundtrack. Huh Gong is known for his successful stint on “The Voice: Korea.”

On July 17 “What You Forget” was made available for purchase through various online music sites. Huh Gong’s vocals in the song are unique as his presentation is clear and clean yet still full of emotion. The song features a sad piano melody which goes well with the accompanying lyrics. There is also an instrumental version of the track available for download.

“What You Forget” was recorded as a special thank you gift to fans of “The Chaser” for helping the drama exceed 20% of ratings. Once the announcement was made regarding the special track much anticipation surrounded the release. The high expectations for the song was in part due to the fact that Huh Gak had previously contributed the single, “One Person” to the competing KBS drama “Big’s” soundtrack.

The producers commented saying, “There is a mini-sibling rivalry going on as the brothers have participated in soundtracks for competing dramas at the same time.”