Kim Soo Hyun and miss A Suzy’s Work Visa Photos Leaked

Recently, Kim Soo Hyun and miss A Suzy’s work visa photos were leaked on online community forums, raising questions over the security level of the immigration office.

The photos were posted under the title, “Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy who received New Zealand working visas.” In the photos, you can clearly see the photos came from the New Zealand work visa application, as it says “Entertainment Industry Work Visa Application,” alongside the New Zealand immigration office’s logo at the top.

While fans were impressed by the looks of the two stars, the two photos also sparked controversy over how the photos made way to online forums. The applications are supposed to be held in privacy by the immigrations office, and technically, it’s illegal to post them on third party websites.

The visa applications were submitted recently for the new commercial Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun filmed for the Korean clothing brand, Bean Pole.

Netizens commented, “How in the world did these get leacked?” “They need to file a lawsuit,” and “They both look so cute in the pictures!”