How Is Hyun Bin Doing? He Is Red!

The biggest question for Hyun Bin fans besides the date of his return, (Which is in fact December 6, 2012) is simply: “What is he up to?” Since March, 2011 Hyun Bin was enlisted in the military and he decided to be a part of the navy which is considered the most difficult.

Recently an online community posted a picture of Hyun Bin in in the navy. The picture was posted with the title, “Hyun Bin in the navy.”

In the picture, Hyun Bin is shown in front of an office wearing a red t-shirt and shorts. He still looks good looking and is giving off a model-like aura.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Hyun Bin is basically doing photoshoots in the navy,” “He is still so good looking in red,” and “Is there another actor that could look so good in a red t-shirt and shorts?”