“Big” Ends with a Personal High for Ratings But Some Netizens are Left Disappointed

Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung’s recent drama, “Big” has seen its finish while recording its personal high on viewership ratings for the last episode.

According to the AGB Nielson reports, the last episode of “Big,” which aired on July 24, recorded a rating of 11.1%.

The second to last episode, which aired on July 23, recorded 9.7%. So the rating for the last episode was 1.4% higher. “Big” hadn’t seen ratings in the double digits and settled for 3rd place in terms of ratings among the other Monday/Tuesday dramas. However, their personal high of 11.1% for the last episode was a nice way to end the series.


In the last episode, Gil Daran and Kang Kyung Joon reunite and rekindle their romance for a happy ending.

Before Kyung Joon was switched into his original body, he warned Daran that he would not remember anything after the accident after the switch would take place. Kyung Joon and Seo Yoon Jae travel to Germany to have the switch take place. Jang Mari delivered the message to Daran that the switch had been successful and as predicted, both of them do not have any recollections of the events that happened after the crash.

However, after a year has passed, a man whose face was not revealed approached Daran and said, “Gil Teacher, it’s been a while. I was wondering about you so I just came.” The man’s face was not revealed to the audience but we saw Daran’s happy expression as the two held hands and restarted their romance.

Although it was a happy ending, some weren’t too happy with it. Some didn’t like how Daran’s love for Seo Yoon Jae just fizzled out. Some thought that Daran’s love for Kyung Joon could not have been 100% real because he was still stuck in Seo Yoon Jae’s body. Finally, some say that Daran and Kyung Joon’s reunification, totally disregards Seo Yoon Jae, which was disappointing.

Netizens commented on the drama’s forum saying, “The content and effort were good but I feel like the story just went overboard,” “What was Seo Yoon Jae’s role in this drama? It seems like he just vanished, especially in the last part,” “I’ve never felt so unsatisfied with a happy ending before,” and more.