Psy Is Upgraded to Hallyu Star Status?

Psy might be on his way to earning the status of a hallyu star.

There has been a great amount of response overseas about Psy’s popular new single, “Gangnam Style.” The music video released on his official YouTube channel broke 5 million view count in less than two weeks. His “horse dance,” with its simplicity and swag, especially captured global attention. Many fans uploaded their reactions, while some have even tried to cover his dance and posted their versions on YouTube. More Korea-savvy fans were seen giving a mini-tutorial on the actual district of Gangnam, the wealthiest district in Seoul and in Korea.

Korean fans reacted positively to Psy’s rising popularity overseas. Netizens commented, “Psy is a hallyu star, too?” “His existence has just been upgraded?”

Responding to his fans’ rave about his witty music video, he recently released the behind-the-scenes footage of his music video. Despite his two-year hiatus, Psy simply came back with a bang, coming out extremely strong in recent music shows.

Check out some of the popular fan videos below!