B1A4 Goes On Their First Vacation In Three Years

B1A4 members went on a vacation for the first time in three years.

Since July 28, there have been reports online of sightings of each member in Cheongju, Chungju, Busan, and Suncheon. Soon after, there was a series of amicable tweets between members, confirming their restful and happy conditions back home.

According to the WM Entertainment representative, B1A4 never got a chance to take a break amidst training, practicing, album preparation, and promotion activities. Since their debut, this vacation marks their first.

Recently, Gongchan had to undergo through a kidney removal, warranting a sick leave. Other members took this opportunity to also recharge back home.

It was reported that all members went back to their respective hometowns. For Jinyoung, he paid a visit to his school to say hello to his teachers and classmates. Many underclassmen who recognized the star were seen surrounding him and requesting his autograph, which he humbly accepted.

Jinyoung also posted a picture of eating samgyupsal on his Twitter. “Happily eating out with family~ delicious samgyupsal! What was BANA’s dinner?”

Responding to his hyung’s tweet, Gongchan tweeted, “Hyoung! I’m eating chicken as I watch judo~ I miss you my hyungs~” He included picture of himself happily holding chicken in both fists.

CNU joined in with a reply, “Is your body okay? Eat tasty food and don’t just eat everything. I miss you too.”

B1A4 will be entering new album activities after their break.