July’s Hottest K-Pop Celebrity Twitter/Me2Day Photos

July was a busy but steamy month for K-Pop!

Some of your favorite stars like Jang Geun Suk, Jaejoong, G-Dragon, Minzy, and Zelo took their personal moments to Twitter and Me2Day, sharing funny and never-before-seen photos with their fans!

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Key just fooled around with my shoulder” – SHINee’s Jonghyun’s got a new face on his shoulder!

“Wow, they recognize me!!! Kehaha advancement into Europe, go go kekeke!” – Jang Geun Suk impressed by his European fans!

“Halo Baaaaaaack!! Yo” – B.A.P’s Zelo goes no makeup for a special selca!

“Big sister and younger brother! ^_^ Regarding sister’s shave?!? I was happy that it looked great~ said a great guy! My younger brother!” – 2NE1’s Dara reveals her younger brother Thunder’s (MBLAQ) response to her new haircut!

“It was so hot and we got exhausted so I laid down with Suzy…. Keke But we are still smiling ^-^/ kekekeke” – Suzy and Bora disarm their uncle fans with heart melting smiles!

“Working hard filming today too…! Fire! Be more lively when you’re tired and sleepy from an all-nighter! (millions of difference faces)” – JYJ’s Jaejoong shares a series of selcas from while filming!

“The people ain’t ready.” – G-Dragon posed next to MC Verbal from Japanese hip hop group m-flo!

“Thanks for the makeover u guys…thank you for styling me.” – f(x)’s Amber with long hair!

“The makeup artist Lee Ji Eun (IU’s Real Name) is currently doing makeup.” – The lyricist Kim Ina tweeted a photo of IU transformed into a makeup artist!

G-Dragon rides his skateboard in the studio, doing a trick in a skater outfit!

“Kekekekekekeke.” – 2AM’s Seulong sports a white t-shirt with the words, “I’m sorry that I’m handsome.”

“It looks like its going to pour. Once I’m done filming, I’ll be rejoining the ‘Faith’ team! Hwaiting! Please spend a healthy summer.” – Lee Min Ho flashes a forced smile in his latest selca photo!

“I am putting this up for the first time.” – Super Junior’s Shindong shares a photo of a female who appears to be his girlfriend!

“When she catches a break from her passionate dancing, our Minzy turns feminine and folds papers stars. Wishing for the success of ‘New Evolution’ [concert], each star is full of love. Now only D-6 until the concert…Let’s all die together~!!! Make sure you save up your energy for this!” – 2NE1‘s Sandara shares a photo of Minzy folding origami stars.

YoonA’s photos” – Professional photographer tweets unreleased photos of Girls’ Generation’s YoonA from a past photoshoot.

“So hot, fainting. Save me! Tell me how I can beat the heat?! Everyone~ Be careful of the heat” – SISTAR’s Bora melts hearts with her aegyo.

“With Seohyun, such a kind dongsaeng [younger sister].” – Super Junior’s Yesung and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun pose for the camera.

“Everyone! I finally wrote a book about dieting ^ ^; Even though I was embarrassed, I challenged myself by writing a book. Please look forward to it!” – Solbi flaunts her slim body in a sexy swimsuit.

Junsu, I live because of you. Today, I burst out laughing because of Junsu again.” – JYJ’s Jaejoong uploaded a goofy group photo of the trio.

“”1:9” –  B.A.P.’s Zelo reveals his latest hairstyle.

“What I would do to cheer u up bro.” – Nichkhun’s brother and sisters send their support to Nichkhun.

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