9 Best Ways to Wear Your Hair This Summer – K-Pop Style!

It’s painfully hot here in Korea. We’re experiencing one of the hottest summers in recent memory, and your hair can easily get messy with all the sweat in this sweltering heat.

But that doesn’t mean you should pay less attention to your hairstyle! Take inspirations from these K-Pop stars for the perfect summer hair, and ask your hairdresser for a hair makeover next time!

Scroll through the list and please let us know which hairstyle you like the most!

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Big Bang’s Taeyang has been sporting this hair for years now, but it’s the easiest way to style yourself with very little effort. Keep the sides short, leave some hair on top, and use some wax, and you’re good to go!

Half Shaved Hair

One of the most unconventional styles in recent memory, the “Half-shaved hair” was first made popular by 2NE1’s Dara this year. Although it’s a tough one to pull for non-celebrity types for its unique touch, it’s definitely something you should try before you get too old!

Soft Mohawk

Yoo Ah In made this hairstyle most famous through his role on SBS drama “Fashion King.” It may look similar to Taeyang’s more conventional Mohawk, but he kept the top part shorter and wider. It’s not as edgy as Taeyang’s hair, but it gives an equally stylish look!

Apple Hair

A hairstyle most female K-Pop stars follow at some point in their careers, the “apple hairstyle” gives you a cute and playful look. In fact, some male idols (G-Dragon, Yong Jun Hyung, and Heechul) also enjoy this hair.

Shaved Hair

It’s scorching hot outside, and what better way than to just shave it off? G-Dragon surprised everyone with his shaved head last year, but it surprisingly matched him very well, especially with his hat and shades. Take a page out of GD’s playbook and you could be the next K-Pop star!

Dumpling Hair

Also known as “dump hair,” the dumpling hairstyle is one of the more simple and neat styles to follow in the summer. You just simply have to roll up your hair and it’ll keep you cool throughout the summer.

Bleached Hair

Most K-Pop stars don the blonde at some point in their careers, but there’s no doubt it looks the best in the summer. For an old school K-Pop fan like myself, JinuSean’s Sean looked the best in blonde hair, but in more recent memory, Jay Park and all the B.A.P kids come to mind with this hair.

Short Hair with Waves

Lee Min Jung in KBS drama “Big” made this one of the hottest trends in Korea. Its simple yet classy look should make this a must-do style for years to come!

Medium Haircut

Perhaps more popular among Korean men, the medium haircut is the standard, modern looking style. It doesn’t require any gel or wax, and you just need to keep it calm wherever you go. Jung Woo Sung did a pretty good job with it in “Padam Padam.”

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