BoA Talks about DBSK's Yunho, Psy, Shin Se Kyung and More

BoA recently talked about three of her close friends, DBSK‘s Yunho, Psy and Shin Se Kyung and her feelings about her debut song, “ID:Peace B.”

On August 8, BoA was a guest on Hong Jin Kyung’s radio show to introduce her new seventh album title track, “Only One.”  BoA’s duet performances with Yunho, SHINee‘s Taemin and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk were brought up.

DJ Hong Jin Kyung asked, “If there are only those three men remaining in the world and you had to go to a deserted island, who would you go with?” and BoA answered, “I’m so close with Yunho, I think it’ll be comfortable to go with him.”

BoA also discussed her friendship with Psy. She said, “It’s so fun to be promoting alongside Psy oppa. He has such a senior force to him but after a bit, I realized he is my junior. His debut song ‘Bird‘ was released in 2001.” She continued, “Psy oppa calls me these days to show off. He called me to tell me that he received love-calls from America. I’m so happy that he’s doing so well but sometimes I think, ‘Why is he telling me this?'”

BoA also discussed her debut track “ID:Peace B” and called it a banned song. She said, “I was so embarrassed at the chorus part where it goes, ‘chooka chooka choo.’ To me, it’s a banned song that I never mention anywhere.”

In another radio show hosted by Choi Hwa Jung, BoA talked about her friendship with Shin Se Kyung. One of the listener’s questions asked, “When you and Shin Se Kyung get together for a drink, how much alcohol can you guys take?” BoA answered, “When I drink with Shin Se Kyung, we drink about 1 bottle each.”

BoA continued, “Shin Se Kyung is pretty even when she drinks. Even as a female, looking at her drink is like watching a scene from a CF.”

BoA revealed that her ideal type is close to Yoo Ah In or SHINee because she “likes cute boys.” Her must-have fashion item is a bracelet, her favorite song by herself is “No.1” and the friend she calls when she’s struggling the most is Lee Yeon Hee.

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