7 Most Surprising Overseas Collaborations in K-Pop!

Earlier this week, it was reported that PSY would be flying to L.A to meet with Justin Bieber and his representative Scooter Braun. Not much details have been revealed regarding their potential collaboration yet, but fans around the world are closely following the situation to see what the two artists are planning for, as this is perhaps one of the most unexpected collaborations ever in K-Pop history.

The whole PSY-Bieber collaboration rumors got us thinking about other duets and features between K-Pop and Western artists in the past. K-Pop is still a novelty in a lot of Western countries but it looks like more and more musicians are willing to work with K-Pop artists.

Here’s a list of 7 best overseas collaborations in K-Pop! Make sure you tell us which one you like the most in the comment box below!

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“Heartbreaker” – G-Dragon feat. Flo Rida

Shortly after the release of G-Dragon’s solo debut track, “Heartbreaker,” G-Dragon was accused of plagiarizing Flo Rida’s “Right Round.” Although EMI, the distributor of “Right Round,” officially said there were no similarities between the songs, public opinion started to grow against G-Dragon. Later, YG Entertainment personally contacted Flo Rida and released a new version of “Heartbreaker” featuring Flo Rida himself.

“Nothing on You” – Jay Park feat. B.o.B

In 2010, shortly after Jay Park was almost forced to leave Korea for his past comments on his online blog, the ex-2PM member opened his own YouTube channel and shared a cover of B.o.B’s “Nothin’ on You.” It was the first time fans were able to see Jay Park in months, and the video racked up millions of views. B.o.B got increased attention from Jay Park’s video, as it quickly went viral, and later the two announced they would be releasing a duet single featuring B.o.B’s rapping.

“Ayyy Girl” – JYJ feat. Kanye West

Perhaps the most surprising combination on this list, JYJ joined hands with Kanye West for their first English album, “The Beginning.” Although the album itself sold in high volumes, as any JYJ album does, the song itself didn’t receive positive reviews as most saw the combination as unfit.  However, this song put JYJ on Billboard magazine’s November, 2010 issue, which led to the highest daily traffic record for the magazine’s website.

“The Boys” – Girls’ Generation feat. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg featured on the Girls’ Generation’s remix version of “The Boys,” which was included the album’s U.S. edition. It was the first U.S. debut album for the Girls’ Generation, but no one really expected Snoop Dogg to be a part of it. Although Snoop’s rap and the overall song matches quite well, we’re not sure if it was the right combination.

“Where Is the Love?” – Will.I.AM and Apl.de.ap feat. 2NE1’s CL

Black Eyed Peas made a guest appearance at the 2011 MAMA Awards and gave a surprising joint performance of “Where Is the Love?” featuring 2NE1’s CL. It was one of the most talked-about live stages in K-Pop history, as it gave a glimpse into what the Will.I.Am-2NE1 collaboration would sound like. Will.I.Am has visited Korea multiple times already and it has been reported they’ve produced several tracks already. The whole world is waiting for the 2NE1-Will.I.Am album to drop ASAP.

 “Dancing on My Own” – Pixie Lott feat. GD & T.O.P

Last March, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P featured on British-songwriter Pixie Lott’s track, “Dancing on My Own.” The song was part of the Japanese edition of her album, “Young Foolish Happy.” YG Entertainment said of the collaboration, “It was more than a featuring, it was almost like a duet. Pixie Lott’s agency and YG Entertainment have been acquaintances. Pixie Lott came across G-Dragon and TOP’s music through YouTube, she enjoyed them so much, and that’s how this collaboration started.” They added, “This is only the beginning, from now on, YG artists will continue to work with international artists.”

“Like Money” – Wonder Girls feat. Akon

“Like Money” was released in 2012 and will also be included in the Wonder Girls’ upcoming U.S. debut album. It was first played on the Wonder Girls’ first TV movie, “The Wonder Girls,” and it features choreography created by the world-renowned choreographer, Jonte Moaning. The first live performance of the song took place at the Green Groove Festival 2012 on July 21 in Korea.

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