Actress Jin Se Yeon playing the first love of freedom-fighting masked crusader Bridal Mask and publicly-hated alter ego Kang To (dual roles played by the swoon-worthy and be-dimpled actor Joo Won) in drama “Bridal Mask” was featured in a pictorial and interview in the August issue of fashion magazine “Elle.”  Below are selected excerpts from the interview and descriptions of the photographs in the pictorial.

On her role as the youngest on set, Jin Se Yeon said: “I am the youngest on set.  Part of being the youngest is making the atmosphere brighter, so I make an effort to make everyone laugh.  In contrast, when I’m with my friends, I become quiet.  I am more of the type of person who listens to others.”

On idols, Jin Se Yeon said: “I like DBSK and Big Bang.  But, these days, as opposed to picking out one group that I like, just when groups come out, I watch with interest.”

On romance scenes with Joo Won, Jin Se Yeon said: “[In the beginning of the drama] Even though Kang To loved Mok Dan, Mok Dan still did not know that Kang To was her first love.  But, whenever [Joo Won and I] had scenes together, without realizing it, I kept finding my heart relaxing [around Joo Won.]  [laughs]  So, the director had to keep reminding me not to forget what Mok Dan’s mental state was.”

On her heart beating around Joo Won, Jin Se Yeon said: “Of course.  Actors are all charismatic, good-looking, and bear with others well.  I think, as opposed to rational feelings, in the scene, one tends to lean upon one’s emotions.  It’s good!  [laughs]  Ah, what should I say?”

In the first photograph, Jin Se Yeon  relaxes into a chair with an easy smile.  She is wearing a Comptoir Des Cotonniers jumpsuit, Burberry oxford shoes, Black Muse bangles, and Aznavour ring.

In the second photograph, in a nod to drama “Bridal Mask”’s love of disguise and mustaches on her character’s father and freedom fighter Dam Sa Ri (played by also swoon-worthy actor Jun Noh Min), Jin Se Yeon sports the cutest mustache.  She is wearing a Juicy Couture print top, Siwy denim shorts, Perche pendant necklace, Charles Phillip shoes, and H&M hat.

In the last photograph, oh so easy-breezy, Jin Se Yeon lounges about in a Style Nanda flower print one-piece, Rena Chris studded headband, and Comptoir Des Cotonniers suede booties.

To see Jin Se Yeon’s pictorial, don’t forget to click through the gallery on Soompi!

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