T-ara's Eunjung and Jin Se Yeon's Past Reveal a

Though it’s been over a month since the whole T-ara bullying issue blew up, recent news of Jin Se Yeon replacing Eunjung on the upcoming drama, “Five Fingers” has added to the controversy. Netizens have been digging up some photos and research in the past. According to what they found, netizens claim that the two stars have a twisted fate.

On various online community sites, a post was made titled, “Ham Eunjung and Jin Se Yeon’s Twisted Fate,” which got a lot of hits. The writer of the post included photos of the film, “White: Melody of Curse,” in which both Eunjung and Jin Se Yeon were cast.

In the movie, Eunjung is main character but Jin Se Yeon, who was a rookie at the time, dies early in the movie. At this, the netizens remarked, “After a year, their positions have been switched.”

Eunjung was cast for the main character role for “Five Fingers” and had been diligently practicing her lines and the piano. But due to the T-ara bullying controversy, it seems like the staff team wanted her out. Eunjung’s side retaliated by saying that a one-sided termination is unfair but to no avail.

Instead, Jin Se Yeon has been cast for Eunjung’s replacement. Although she is still in the ongoing drama, “Bridal Mask,” she has accepted the offer. Jin Se Yeon has also been in a past SBS drama, “My Daughter The Flower.”

At this so-called “twisted fate,” netizens commented, “The world turns and turns,” “Jin Se Yeon’s appearance in the movie was short but now she is has clearly moved up in life,” “I feel sorry for Eunjung,” “I like Jin Se Yeon,” “It’s a complete twist after a year,” “I’m excited for Jin Se Yeon in ‘Five Fingers,'” “I didn’t know they were both in that movie,” and more.

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