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Singer Son Dambi, famous for her addictive dance hits “Crazy” and “Saturday Night,” was featured in a pictorial and interview in fashion magazine “Cosmopolitan.”  The photographs show Son Dambi looking comfortable and relaxed.  But, it should really come as no surprise that Son Dambi is a natural in front of the camera with her lean, good looks and sexy, tousled waves.

Below are selected excerpts from the interview.

On acting in her first drama, Son Dambi said: “As opposed to other things, the thing that I remember the most is all the good advice I received from my senior actors and directors who worked with me on the drama.  I very much felt the warmth and affection [from working with everyone].”

On acting and music, Son Dambi said: “I would like to act [again], but as my album is scheduled to be released [soon], I don’t think I can continue to do acting activities at the same time [as my album promotional activities].  I don’t have the personality to do two things at the same time.”

On roles she would like to play, Son Dambi said: “First, I don’t want to play anymore one-sided loves and I would like to have a role where I receive love.  I would also really like to try a role with a lot of action scenes.  Why those kind of roles don’t come to me, I don’t know.  I really could do it well! [laughs]”

On wanting to show a different natural image, Son Dambi said: “I’ve already lived 5 years as a singer, and, no matter how you look at it, I’ve only showed a cultivated, dressed-up image always on a stage.  In Korea, while doing entertainer activities, though, aside from variety/reality programs, there is no other way to show an uncultivated, undressed-up, and natural image, I don’t really go on variety/reality programs.  I sort of lack the self-confidence [to go on those programs].”

Son Dambi had not released a new album in two years and was scheduled to make her long awaited comeback this September, but it was later announced that she would be delaying her comeback to October as she was not satisfied with the present state of her album work and choreography.

Most recently, Son Dambi starred in the MBC drama “Lights and Shadows” which also stars Ahn Jae Wook, Nam Sang Mi, and Lee Pil Mo.

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