[Ceci] What Do BEAST’s Ki Kwang, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, and ZE:A’s Siwan Have in Common?

What do male idols like BEAST, Big Bang, ZE:A, and more have in common? Great music is a given, but also impressive styles! And we’re not just talking about their clothes. We mean the entire package, including those trendy accessories we always see them wear.

Next time you see a photo or video of your favorite boy bands, take a good look at their wrists. If you haven’t noticed, it’s not only the girls who have pretty little things wrapped around their wrists. Many guys also layer several bracelets and watches to create a stylish effect.

While those big fancy watches are nice, adding other bracelets help draw attention. Take a look at how BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, and ZE:A’s Im Siwan mix and match their accessories.

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Mister Dark Horse Lee Ki Kwang

For BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang, who is known for his all-black chic fashion style, it’s best to go with bulky accessories like leather or metal.

Leather Force 

Scull ring: Cottiny (15,000 KRW)

Leather bracelet: MCM (price unknown)

Woven bracelet:Persona Man (60,000 KRW)

Gemstone bracelet: Second Move (36,000 KRW)

Metal Action

Stone bracelet: Second Move (blue – 39,000 KRW, orange 37,000 KRW)

Silver watch:Emporio Armani (590,000 KRW)

Silver ring: CK Jewelry (110,000 KRW)

Leopard Paw

Leopard bracelet:Demande de Mutation by SIECLE (72,000 KRW)

Stone bracelet: Second Move (37,000 KRW)

Beaded bracelet: MOREE (price unknown)


Dynamic Fashion King G-Dragon

G-Dragon has become a fashion legend with his unique individuality. Therefore, a rule of thumb when seeking to accessorize like GD is to choose accessories that are distinctive and eye-catching.

Tassel Power

Buckle silver ring: ALAND (14,000 KRW)

Gemstone bracelet:Second Move (37,000KRW)

Suede buckled bracelet: People of Taste (price unknown)

Tassel bracelet: MOREE (price unknown)

String Action

Silk strapped bracelet: MOREE (price unknown)

Twined bracelet: Luminis Mazota by People of Taste (~40,000 KRW)

Rubber Watch

Digital watch: Levis by moments (105,000 KRW)

Woven bracelet: Persona Man (17,500 KRW)

Character bracelet:FRONTROW (25,600 KRW)

Twisted ring: Rollips by MZUU (15,000 KRW)

Young Noble Gentleman Im Siwan

He’s created a very clean-cut, flower boy image through dramas like “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” and “The Equator Man.” However, looking preppy doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize. A tip to look like dandy idol Siwan is to mix and match colors.

Orange Brown

Intertwined bracelet: Vintage Hollywood (price unknown)

Gemstone bracelet Second Move (37,000 KRW each)

Wood Green

Wooded watch: WEWOOD (219,000 KRW)

Gemstone bracelet: Second Move (white – 39,000 KRW, green – 37,000 KRW)

Pinky Violet

Leather bracelet: System (69,000 KRW)

Pink silk bracelet: (price unknown)

Blue pendant bracelet: (120,000 KRW)

Skull bracelet: MOREE (350,000 KRW)

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