Supreme Team’s E-Sens Appears on “Amoeba TV” After a Year of Hiatus

Supreme Team‘s E-Sens made his first official appearance on “Amoeba TV.” E-Sens has been taking his time for self-reflection after admitting using marijuana in 2011. “Amoeba TV” is a new channel from Amoeba Culture‘s website that introduces and updates its artists’ lifestyle, BTS cuts and video clips, and many other contents. 

The first episode of “Amoeba TV” took its place in a recording studio. In this episode, E-sens looked healthy and happy, diligently working with Dynamic Duo and Rhythm Power. He proved his undying love and passion for music once again by writing lyrics and recording new songs on the spot in this episode. 

Fans seemed to welcome E-sens’s resurfacing into the major hip hop scene. Some fans and netizens commented, “I’ve been waiting for you to come back for so long,” “I hope you come back to us in a healthy state,” and “I’m ready to hear more good music from you.” 

“Amoeba TV” is available on Amoeba Culture’s official website. New episodes featuring Amoeba Culture’s artists and their friends will be uploaded weekly.