Narsha and Miryo Poses for a Kiss

Brown Eyed Girls know how to have fun!

On September 3, Narsha shares a picture with her twitter followers. The caption reads, “I will not take a picture in the front row again. My knees are shaking.”

If anything, the poses are cute. Narsha and Miryo are posing with puckered lips. But rather than facing the camera, they decide to face each other. They sure know how to live up to their “Adult-Dol” image. It looks like Narsha is initiating the kiss and their rigid facial expressions are a source of much laughter. On the other hand, Jea and Gain are showing off their individual charms through different poses.

Their quirky fashion is also noticeable. All the members are wearing oversized black sunglasses. Gain adds her own feminine touch with a black straw hat.

Narsha has recently been casted in KBS upcoming drama “Ooh La La Couple” and will take the role on as a fashionable and sexy seer. If not for anything else, it will be interesting to see what kind of clothes, accessories and make up she will display for her role.