Kim Soo Hyun Respects Miss A’s Suzy With Manner Hands

Kim Soo Hyun has shown the public that he has “manner hands.”

On September 1, XTM “Star n’ the City” was broadcasted. It’s a show that specifically covers top celebrities in a road movie format and Kim Soo Hyun and Miss A’s Suzy participated in this episode. They filmed their segment in New Zealand for a Bean Pole advertisement.

Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy (known as Soo-Su, combining their names) are advertising for Bean Pole’s Fall and Winter collection. The theme of the episode is “Soo-Su couple’s urban outdoor romance.” It’s during one of their outdoor dates, where Kim Soo Hyun shows his usual great manners. While taking a walk, they had to cross an unstable bridge and he offered his hand for balance. This scene has been captured and is making huge rounds on the internet.

The broadcast also showed a few of their lovely dates in New Zealand including walking, fishing, riding a bike and other various outdoor activities.

Soompiers, isn’t it beautiful having a date in a different country? Or can it be troublesome taking care of all the planning? Please share your thoughts!