“Bridal Mask” Cast and Crew at After-Party

Can’t believe it’s already been a few days since KBS’s “Bridal Mask” has ended. The drama made a grand exit, capturing it’s personal best viewership rating of 22.9% on Thursday, September 6.

The cast and staff, along with the director and scriptwriter, held a party at a restaurant to celebrate their hard work. The two pictures from the party were revealed through KBS’ official twitter.

The first picture focuses on the 4 main characters played by Joo Won, Jin Se Yeon, Park Ki Woong and Han Chae Ah. They’re in a “manseh” position (author’s note: ‘manseh’ means ‘hurray!’) looking not quite exactly in front of the camera.

It’s unfortunate to note that the two male-leads show signs of injury on their right hands. Joo Won’s hand is wrapped in a bandage while Park Ki Woong is wearing a special cooling band aid revealing how determined they were to finish the filming successfully in such a condition.

Nice Guy” is slated to be broadcasted after “Bridal Mask” on Wednesdays & Thursdays starring Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Yeon.