miss A’s Suzy: “Haha, You Have My Permission to Get Married”

On the upcoming episode of MBC Music “Haha 19 TV Mutiny,” Suzy‘s special message for Haha is to be aired. Previously on the first episode of “Haha 19 TV Mutiny,” many celebrities sent flowers and wreathes congratulating Haha for opening a new show. Suzy was the only female celebrity who sent Haha a wreath. 

Haha and Suzy first met on SBS “Running Man” and have been good friends ever since. Haha has always been overprotective of Suzy, telling her “not to date any guys and when you do get a boyfriend, I have to approve that” on talk shows and such. However, Suzy expressed some disappointment in this special message to Haha. 

Suzy wrote, “You told me to get your permission if I were to date someone and why don’t you do the same with me? Have you already forgotten about the days when we ran hand in hand as a groom and a bride?” However, towards the end of the message, Suzy congratulated Haha on his upcoming marriage with Byul. She wrote, “So I’m sending you this message as my permission to get married to Byul. Congratulations and be happy and shinning with Byul.” 

Meanwhile on the upcoming second epiosde of “Haha 19 TV Mutiny,” Haha will be preparing for his wedding with his friends, the “Mutiny Family.” The show is to be aired on September 11 at midnight.