A Pink’s Eunji Apologizes for Actions on “Challenge 1000 Songs”

Recently on an online community forum, a video clip of A Pink‘s Eunji surfaced with the title, “A Pink’s Eunji, The Controversial Clip from ‘Challenge 1000 Songs.'” This video clip is of Eunji from August 26’s episode of “Challenge 1000 Songs.” The clip shows Eunji aggressively competing for the microphone against fellow celebrities and even yanking the microphone out of Olympic judo bronze medalist Cho Jun Ho. Netizens and viewers criticized such aggressive behavior after the show aired.

Eunji quickly responded to these criticisms online through a social networking service called Waggle. She wrote on her Waggle page, “The temperature difference between day and night is getting bigger and it’s easier to catch a cold in this weather. Everyone please be careful. And I would like to thank everyone for all the love and support I’ve been getting from ‘Answer Me 1997.’ I will continue to put more effort in and try to do my best to better myself in the public’s eyes. As I get much attention and love from the public, I will always be more sensitive and careful in carrying myself and in my words.”