Goo Hara’s Reaction to Ex-Boyfriend Questions

On September 12, Kara’s Goo Hara appeared on SBS “Strong Heart” and shared a story about her short term memory loss. Under the topic of “The eraser in my head,” Goo Hara said, “I have difficulty remembering my words and actions to certain things. Even what happened yesterday, I wouldn’t be able to remember if no one tells me about it.”

Following Hara’s response, Lee Jung Jin jumped in and asked, “Then, do you remember all the boyfriends you had in the past?”

The show’s MC Shin Dong Yup then joked, “How would you remember that many people?” and asked, “So what is it? Do you remember all of them?”

But after a brief moment of silence, Hara quietly said, “I’ll take a pass on that question,” wisely avoiding a sensitive topic that could have possibly hurt her relationship with BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung.

Later on, Kim Ki Duk, the movie director who also guested on the show, said, “It looks like Goo Hara was traumatized at some point and she tends to erase her memory easily.”