[Ceci] Hairstyle Tips by Occasion Part 2: For that Lovely Date with Your BF…

It’s highly improper, not to mention boring, to cling to one hairstyle for different affairs – be it a job interview, a date, a party, and more. Here are some hair styling tips for whatever hairstyle you may have by occasion! The gallery starts with tips for short hair and gradually goes to longer hair styles, so be sure to scroll through the entire list by clicking on the page numbers at the bottom!

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Shin So Yul

If you thought short hairs were only for tomboys, throw that prejudice away now! If you style it with a big hairband or any other cute hair accessories, you’ll be able to look more adorable than the girl next door with the long tresses. Plus, the huge hair accessories make your face appear smaller!

Sung Yuri

If your short hair is wavy, add some thick curls to the bottom. If you have bangs, this look will make you look cute enough to eat! 

Sandara Park

If you want to flaunt that gorgeous forehead of your, try braiding your long bangs. You can achieve a cuter appeal if the ends of your hair curl outwards. 

Yoon Jin Yi

If you don’t want to do anything special with your hair, parting your hair just right is key. Part your hair to the side. We recommend 6:4 or 7:3 ratio. Adding a lovely hairband can also do wonders.

Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation)

If you’re stressed that your hair is neither long nor short, use thick curlers to add volume to your hair style. Then use a hair serum or mist to fix those frizzy hair in place!  You can add some more volume and life into your curls by twisting the ends with your fingers! 

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