Celebrity Candid Moments In K-Pop This Week!

It was another fun week with celebrities capturing moments of everyday life and sharing them on social media!

SISTAR’s Bora showed how easy it is to do splits, while PSY took proof shots with John Mayer and Chris Brown!  Also, make sure you check out Jang Geun Suk’s transformation into a female “gyaru” and a regular subway commuter.

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“Young G-Dragon and Taeyang (YoungGD & Youngbeezy).” – Taeyang and G-Dragon give their best thug poses while staring into the camera in this old-school photo!

“An unforgettable Europe vacation!  If we didn’t come to the Grand Canal, we would have regretted it….After getting a great memory in Greece, we will return to Korea.  We’ll show photographs of our trip little by little!  We need to go eat dinner.  The time difference is about 6 hours, so it’s past 7:30.  Sleep well.” – Super Junior’s EunhyukRyeowook, and Kyuhyun share a photo taken during their European trip!

“To the subway I go go. Not lying, I really went. On my way, I got to greet the Asian prince at Nature Republic. Pretty Jang (talking about himself during the disguise) is riding on subway line 5 waiting for the ‘Jang Geun Suk Train.'” – Jang Geun Suk reveals proof that he took the “Jang Geun Suk Train.”

“It’s a waste if only I can see this.” – f(x)’ Victoria shows off her wedding dress look!

 “Last minute practice session for the upcoming concert~ The guitars are practically the same but the electric guitar’s so much harder to play…but still having fun!!!” – IU sports her new electric guitar!

“Bora and DQ’s early morning practice. Wow. Having fun. Everyone, Sistar’s concert is this week. Anticipate x 100, Cheer x 100 please! Aja!” – SISTAR’s Bora does splits like it’s a piece of cake!

“Fall weather. I’m happy. I feel so good.” – Kang Min Kyung enjoys the beautiful fall weather!

“Hello? I am Jang Geun Suk’s girlfriend, Geun Kya Reu.” – Jang Geun Suk transforms into Ms. Jang Geun Suk!

“The weather is Jeju Island is nice! It’s warm. Taking a pic with Woo Young after a long time! There aren’t that many of us SOLO singers today! Haha. Let’s have a ‘hwaiting’ performance today! Ask for a lot of cheers and love.” – G.NA shares a couple photo with 2PM’s Wooyoung in Jeju!

“Thank you.  Thanks to my fans, we are eating delicious food, healthy food, and were able to happily shoot the film. ^^*  I will also work hard on the remaining scenes to shoot.  Please encourage me.” – Park Shin Hye thanks her fans by posting a photograph of their generous gift and herself online. 

 “With the guy called @chrisbrown” – PSY takes a photo with Chris Brown at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards!

Soonshim and…me.” – Lee Hyori shares an interesting photo with her little pet!

“These are happy tears, right?  I’m still in Rome.” – 2PM’s Taecyeon snaps a shot in front of Piazza di Spagna in Rome!

 “Thank you!” – Kara thanks the fans for their #1 win on “Music Bank”!

“CF recording set^^This time it’s florist Choi^^We’re preparing a lot of events too, so look forward to it.” – Super Junior’s Siwon shares a selca photo from the set of his new commercial!

“My members came way out here at the filming site to show their love. I only had 2 hours of sleep.. They really gave me strength. Thank you so much. This is my happiness. Muah.” – f(x) members shower Sulli with love at filming site!

“The completion of fashion, whatever people say, is eyebrows.” – Rainbow’s Jaekyung shows off her unique eyebrows!

“2NE1 in Nagoya [Japan].  20120908.  We also finished the Nagoya performance safely.  Thank you Nagoya Blackjacks.  Receiving your energy, we played excitedly.  Minji’s tebasaki dance was really cute.  Tebasaki saki.  Next, Yokohama Arena.  Yeah!” – 2NE1 takes a group photo from Nagoya, Japan!

“Today, at 6PM! The teaser for Orange Caramel’s ‘Lipstick’ will be released. Ooohaha.” – Orange Caramel’s Lizzy reveals selca to promote their new album, “Lipstick.”

“Psy at MTV VMA Pre-Party with John Mayer.” – PSY takes a proff-shot with John Mayer too!

 “Ah Yeon unni with beautiful vocals, who’s soon making her debut…with BAEK.” – Baek Ah Yeon and miss A’s Suzy look like college students in a new selca!

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