G-Dragon Releases Music Video for “Crayon”

G-Dragon has dropped a new music video for his third single, “CRAYON.”

The title is a shortened version of the words “Crazy” and “On” combined. As explained earlier in the previews, G-Dragon intended to come back to his natural habitat of hip-hop with this song. As recommended by Teddy and YG himself, the song gradually progresses toward a fun, easy-to-relate pop genre toward the end. The final product for the music video is a fun and colorful montage of his playful attitude for “CRAYON,” drastically departing from the moody, emotionally charged song, “That XX.

G-Dragon recently came back on stage with live performances of this song and “ONE OF A KIND,” also featuring Lydia Paek and Taeyang grooving next to him and his crew. 

Check out the third official installment of his spectacular comeback!