Actor Yeon Jung Hoon Does Not Like Being Called “Han Ga In’s Husband”

Recently in an interview actor Yeon Jung Hoon expressed his dislike for being labelled as “Han Ga In‘s Husband.” 

September 12 during an interview on SBS “Night TV Celebrity,” to the question “how does it feel to be called Han Ga In’s husband?” Yeon Jung Hoon answered, “it doesn’t feel all that good” with a bitter expression on his face. On this day Yeon Jung Hoon was interviewed as a representative on the cast of OCN drama “Vampire Detective.” 

Afterwards Yeon Jung Hoon also confessed, “Even before marrying my wife, I was always referred to as someone’s son because of my father (actor Yeon Gyu Jin), so I’m sort of used to being labelled in that way.” 

Yeon was also asked, “you have been married for seven years, why no children?” Yeon responded, “next year…” revealing the couple’s plans to have a child sometime next year.