Lee Hyori Transforms Into a Glamorous Club Queen

The Korean queen of beauty has transformed into a sexy “Club Queen” in a recent photo shoot.

On September 19, a picture of Lee Hyori, who currently models for makeup brand Clio was revealed. In the picture the singer radiates her sexy aura to the max which is accentuated by a slightly revealing top that gives a glimpse of her bust line. The top is covered in shiny star and circle sequins, and her accessories such as her earrings and bracelet also are a matching bling bling concept.

 During the filming for the brand’s TV ad, Lee Hyori garnered attention for her “Glamorous Sexy Queen” concept dancing on set.

A participant on set explained the coloring concept, “As fall is starting to set in women are starting to use and wear richer colors in order to give off an autumn air. If the look seems incomplete by wearing just darker colors, use pearl-like colors. The shining feature of pearl not only makes darker colors look softer, but it also adds an alluring and sexy aura.”