miss A member Suzy Charms as a School Girl in Gwangju

Photographs of miss A member Suzy in school uniform have been posted online.

Recently, photographs of miss A member Suzy were posted on an online community bulletin board with the title “Suzy wearing a school uniform makes an appearance in Gwangju.”

The photographs show “the nation’s first love” Suzy taking in the sights of Gwangju along with a camera crew and Boom while being surrounded by fans. In particular, the photograph of Suzy laughing brightly caught the attention of netizens. 

Netizens who viewed the photographs responded: “Were there other women there? I only see Suzy,” “Suzy is so pretty because she is able laugh so heartily,” “School girl Suzy…possibly, Dream High 3?”

Recently, Suzy posed for a photo shoot featured in celebrity magazine, and has been making viewers laugh with her off-the-wall antics on KBS variety program “Invincible Youth: Season 2.