IU Cut Her Hair Because of BEAST’s Lee Gikwang

Singer IU revealed that she had no choice but to cut her long hair which she took two years to grow.

On the September 20’s episode of KBS 2TV’s Happy Together,” she said, “I cut my hair that I had been growing for two years. I did it in order for my face to look smaller.”

She then added, “While I was hosting a music program together with Kikwang, his face looks so small next to mine that it started to bother me. So when he was next to me, I stepped back on purpose as to not be next to him.”

IU explained, “For a more innocent look, I wanted to change my hairstyle and grow my front hair but in fear of being compared to Kikwang and to make my face look smaller, I decided to cut my long front hair I had been growing for two years.”

Upon hearing this, No Sa Yeon replied, “Because I’m afraid of my face looking big, even when applying make up, I’d slightly put my bangs back and right after I’m done, I’d put my bangs on the front so my forehead doesn’t show.”

What do you think? Did IU’s face really look bigger than Kikwang’s?